Music Shops in Canterbury

Find the best places in Canterbury to buy music equipment.

Here at Guitar Lessons Canterbury, we love a good guitar shop. Whether it is to buy a vintage Gibson Les Paul or to try out a Z-Vex Fuzz Factory distortion pedal, we value great customer service, quality products and reasonable prices.

Many of our students often ask us which music stores they should check out in Canterbury to supply them with their guitar needs! To help them along we have created a short list of what we consider are the best guitar stores in Canterbury. All first-class shops, well worth checking out. In no order.


Musicland boasts a huge range of musical equipment, including a vast supply of guitars. Certainly a guitar store worth checking out in Canterbury, Musicland in located at 22 Lower Bridge Street, CT1 2LG. The staff are friendly and extremely helpful on a huge range of guitar-related queries, with a good range of stock including Tanglewood, Vintage and Cort guitars - as well as Marshal, Stagg and Vox guitar amps. Good solid music shop that will handle most of your needs as a guitarist.

Atkin Guitars

Atkin Guitars is truly a remarkable company with a fantastic story! Based in Canterbury former London School of Furniture graduate Alister Atkin decided his destiny in life was to make incredible sounding acoustic guitars. In 1998 the company released six original acoustic guitars, winning the critical acclaim of many industry experts and guitarists alike. In 2003 the company moved into a 2000 square meter complex as the orders began to ramp up, shortly after the Atkin shop was born. Currently, Atkin Guitars have eight acoustic guitars in their product range and these beautiful examples of a guitar luthier at the top of his game are well worth trying out if you are lucky enough to get a chance to play one.

County Music

County Music, located at 14-16 Castle Street, CT1 2QJ, is packed full of a huge range of guitars and guitar equipment. Capable of supplying almost all of a guitarist's normal needs the shops are literally bursting with equipment (as seen in the photo!) and is staffed by really friendly assistance. The pricing is good - another great guitar store in Canterbury.


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